Room Renewals

Love colour? Need a quiet place at home to study, work or play? I can help you convert a daggy unused room into a chic space to lay out your stuff. Why not transform that spare room into an office, den or study?

Studies have shown that ‘enriching a workspace’ increases productivity and well-being¹. So if you’re working or studying from home, consider creating a positive, dedicated space to do your thing.

Maybe you already have an office or study, but would like to make it more ‘you’?

I can help you with:

  • • paint prep and painting
  • • plaster board and general repairs
  • • furniture assembly: desks, wall-units, shelving
  • • DIY light fittings (no electrical)
  • • curtain or blind hardware installation
  • • custom pin-boards and artwork


Other options for my service include:

  • • child’s themed bedroom
  • • man-cave
  • • nursery
  • • spare bedroom for visitors
  • • studio


Anything's possible. For more information 1300 349 424

¹Knight, C. and Haslam, S.A. (2010). The Relative Merits of Lean, Enriched, and Empowered Offices: An Experimental Examination of the Impact of Workspace Management Strategies on Well-Being and Productivity. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 16, (2), 158- 172.