Summer: The Perfect Time for Home Repairs

by Max

Summer is a great time to get things fixed around the home: the rain has gone, the light is good, and daylight stretches all the way into the evening – perfect conditions for home improvement. Plus, getting your home spruced before Christmas will look and feel great when visitors arrive.

Pergolas and shade-cloth do the heavy-lifting in summer, so check for wood rot, tears, or any loose fittings. We can help if you need to re-paint a pergola or replace worn shade-cloth.

Despite the heat, gutters are easier to clean in summer. The sodden mush of the cooler months is dry, making for easy removal. If you don’t like ladder or roof-work, call us for a free inspection.

With the reindeer come mosquitoes - so check your flyscreens for rips and tears - lest the bloodsuckers get you at night. Interestingly, only the female mosquito feeds on blood – she needs the protein for egg production – whereas the male sups on nectar!

Summer is a great season to de-clutter: empty the shed, garage or rumpus room, sort it all out, and throw away anything you have not used in six months (lol). This will give you some much-needed physical and mental space. Take advantage of our Good Sort: Shed Clean service - we do the heavy lifting, dispose of trash, and establish racks and shelving. Call 1300 349 424 for details.

Have a great summer!

- Max
The Fixician.