Clean Gutters

by Max

Gutters are an essential part of any home. Their purpose is to remove stormwater so your foundations are not sitting in it.

Unfortunately, they get blocked - everything that lands on the roof ends up in your gutter, so tennis and footballs, bird droppings, and of course flowers, leaves and sticks collect and decompose, forming a sludge that blocks rainwater.

This sludge causes problems: it will reduce the life of your gutters through rust; it will add to the combined weight that your gutter holds and may cause sag – that bow in the middle that stops water flowing to the downpipe; it also attracts pests like mosquitoes, rodents and snakes.

The greatest harm comes from stormwater – if it cannot escape, that water will overflow  – usually onto your paths and verandah, and contribute to rising salt damp. Worse, it may seep into your eaves and roof space, ruining your walls and ceiling. This scenario doesn’t bear thinking.

The solution is to check your gutters regularly and clean if necessary.

Once a year is sufficient, but if you have forest trees, I recommend you get the ladder out and check them every three months.

Gutter cleaning can be time-consuming, difficult and dangerous – any mechanism that makes it easier is a boon.

Here at The Fixician we use a powerful vacuum system that removes all dust, debris and sludge, making your gutters more effective. Our machine is powerful enough to be used from the ground, and can get to all those hard-to-reach places.

If you’re unsure when your gutters were last cleaned, or would just like peace of mind knowing there’s no sludge, call us and we’ll conduct a free check and advise whether your gutters need a service.

Now is the time to do it as the sludge is dry, making it easy to remove.

Don’t to be a victim of gutter sludge or dry, fire-hazard debris this summer - get your gutters cleaned and put your mind at ease.

- Max.

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